Who is . . . . Camden Cow Clogs?

Thank you for your interest.

Our small family company was formed to supply and manufacture hoof care products for the dairy industry. We sell a range of products including timber & rubber cow clogs, adhesive and hoof tools. With hard work, our goal is to have Camden Cow Clogs as a market leader providing a low cost effective solution for the common problem of lameness.

Through our market research, the thickness of clogs currently available on the market is 18-19mm. Camden Cow Clogs are 25mm in thickness and are unique to this industry. Clogs are applied to relieve weight bearing by the damaged claw. The additional thickness of Camden Cow Clogs is beneficial for cows on pasture to compensate for the sinking into soft walking surfaces. The additional thickness is also useful for longer protection when cows walk on abrasive and/or concrete surfaces. Camden Cow clogs provide extra comfort and full claw support for the lame cow. We also supply Bovine Veterinary Adhesive which is designed for orthopedic clogs, both wood and rubber.

Many tests and trials have been carried out at the University of Sydney with some great results. We have been conducting these trials with Dr Shahab Ranjbar and Dr John House who are researching risk factors for and treatment of lameness. Both are more than happy to discuss our products and outcomes with you.

Should you require any further information regarding our products please feel free to contact us.


Greg Johnstone
Camden Cow Clogs

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