Camden Cow Clog Adhesive

  • Is a 2 part component urethane adhesive, especially designed for bonding orthopedic clogs (wood or rubber) on the bovine hoof.

Why use Camden Cow Clog Adhesive?

  • It has superior adhesion qualities with our timber clogs.
  • Very fast drying time, between 30 and 45 seconds, depending on the application and temperature.
  • It is an odourless product.
  • Very easy to open with a security sealed cartridge.

Hoof Preparation

  • The hoof must be clean and dry.
  • Trim, level and mark the hoof where you are planning to apply the clog.

How to use Camden Cow Clog Adhesive

  • Position the cartridge into the dispenser applicator.
  • Remove the cap and break away the security cap using light pressure, in order to allow the 2 components to extrude from the tube.
  • Fix the mixer tip onto the cartridge by rotating it onto the bayonet fitting.
  • Keep the cartridge in a vertical position (mixer tip in upwards position) and begin to slowly extrude the product in order that the air bubbles inside the cartridge can get out (you will see the air bubbles rising up the mixer tip).
  • Extrude a small amount of product in order not to have an unbalanced mix. There must be no air bubbles, this also applies to the mixer tip.
  • Extrude the product onto the clog applying a 1cm high x 2cm wide strip to the middle of the clog along it's entire length.
  • Fix the clog onto the cows claw by applying light pressure for approximately 10-15 seconds. Always centre the cow’s claw over the clog, Do not allow the claw to overhang the clog and ensure the clog is kept level with the sole.
  • Try to prevent any product leakage from the sides.
  • After 1-3 minutes from the application (depending on the current temperature) it will now support the weight of the cow.


The chemical reaction begins with the mixing of the two components and is very susceptible to temperature variations:-


Whenever you use the product at a lower temperature than 20 degrees, you may need to warm up the clog and the hoof with a warm air gun.